Art Commissions

A commissioned work is timeless and uniquely yours and a piece that can be kept as a memory or given as a gift. If you have an idea that you would like to have produced in an artwork, please feel free to contact me for advice without any obligation to commission a picture, a chat is sometimes helpful and will cost nothing.

If you decide on a commission the next step after the initial contact will be for us to discuss the nature of your idea, the size, medium to be worked in, timescale and cost.

Then I will request a selection of photos of the subject so that we can agree the form in which the image will take.

Once agreement is reached I will commence drawing and liaise with you throughout making sure that you are happy with the progress, this can be done by emailing you the first sketch before moving onto the next stage.

Finally on completion of the work I will email it to you for a final look and if necessary, make any adjustments. When you are completely happy with the result I will have it mounted and ready for you. The mode of despatch of the picture can be discussed.

My preferred subjects are wildlife and nature and I also take on pet portraits. I work in all my favourite media including graphites, coloured pencils, pastels and mixed media.

Commissioned artwork of giraffe

Wildlife & Nature Commissions

I enjoy taking on wildlife commissions, especially exotic and rare breeds, but all kinds of animals and creatures provide subject matter that I enjoy.

I love working with anything to do with the natural world - trees, plants and fauna.


Commissioned artwork Pet Portrait

Pet Portraits

I offer a service in Pet Portraits. There is nothing more special than to have a specially commissioned artwork of your loved pet.

Please contact me on 0797 5786626 to discuss your requirements.